Radio Mess EP

by Revenue Streams

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'Radio Mess EP' (Revenue Streams' eclectic debut release) floods a blithe field and cultivates pop, rock, folk, jazz, and electronic sensations. A colorful tangle of style and rhythm supports melodies that feel old & new, organic & synthetic, raw & refined. Each daring song spills eagerly into the next like a stony creek drumming the banks of disillusionment, accountability, and true love.


released October 23, 2015

written, performed and produced by Brandon McCarron
recorded in Hazel Park and Warren, Michigan
December 2013 - March 2015

Derek Adams plays lead guitar on "Love, True Love"
mastered by Josh Holland at Green Light Studios in Vancouver, WA
cover artwork © 2015 Daniel Cracchiolo
cover design by Ambient Definition Photography

© 2015 Brandon McCarron



all rights reserved


Revenue Streams Warren, Michigan

Revenue Streams is a flexible recording project begun by Detroit-based singer/songwriter Brandon McCarron. Expanding upon his well-established pop/rock/folk/jazz perspective, he explores more electronically-altered sounds and loop-based rhythms while preserving his organic sensibility. Turbulent arrangements weave and swirl through well-fortified songs creating staggeringly dynamic moments. ... more

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Track Name: Hands/Smoke
your hands are smoke
in hungry children's eyes
deciding what they see
just a veil of lust
a masquerade
crying underneath
let me be
Track Name: Love, True Love
a semi-mad conductor on a speeding bullet train
glides across the countryside and pierces through his pain
the villagers are shouting, but their words decay in vain
he finds it hard to cope, and he's running out of hope
that his rolling steel will bring him through the rain

daddy's upstairs, sucking on his toxic cigarettes
suzy's downstairs, napping on a pile of his regrets
can't bring himself to love her, so he smokes till he forgets
that he's the builder of her mountain of pain

the helpless cries of a child in need
when i talk to her, i can feel her pleas
for a love, true love
will this pool of blood be enough?

molly is a radiating stone among the dirt
she don't control nobody, don't make anger out of hurt
when you're cold, alone, politely wading through the filth
and you need a light that's pure, just stop and think of her
i bet you will, i hope you will

so far gone, you've been so far down
in the garbage bags filling up this town
could a love, true love
for an ugly dove be enough?

so far gone, though your body's near
when i talk to you, i can feel your fear
and these untamed words, filling up your ear
i hear it all, it's crystal clear
they might win some game but i know it's a bust
they're hollow inside and they fill it with lust
but a love, true love
is running through my blood and that's enough
Track Name: Great Man
a young man chisels rocks alone
and turns them into gold
he stares into the great unknown
and shivers in the cold
a great man wouldn't hide away
for no man shall hold it for too long

every man becomes intrigued
with what he can refine
images of steel machines
play inside his mind
so he tears his living world apart
for something he will never find

an old man puts his weathered arms
around his family
he would die before a shred of harm
fell to their feet
he's a wise man 'cause he loves his world
and a great man 'cause he lives for these
Track Name: Need
salty water, crash my hull
i don't mind
heavy load, weigh down my skull
i don't mind
because i will wake up every day
the world standing by my side
but i would make many less mistakes
if i could just let the damn thing die

tell me brother, why you do
what you do
because i sure wonder what is in
it for you
well that's the weirdest fucking thing i've heard
man she got you too
in the search for answers, i wear the antlers
and dance for my company
with a softly frozen purple rose
in my garden, just for me

stormy seas, them stormy seas
soak my head in the soggy breeze
i feel sick but she must feel free
she gets what she needs
yeah, she gets what she needs

captain cuckold's drunk again
at the wheel
swerving in a boiling sea
that he knows ain't real
so self-righteous, he speeds to see
just how bad it feels

heartbreak is not hard to find

stormy seas, them stormy seas
the strangest clouds smile at me
i'm ashamed, but soon i'll feel free
we get what we need
yeah, we get what we need
Track Name: Radio Mess
the engine of the land
an ancient melody
rises from the sand
and covers you and me

the language of our love
to vanquish all our fears
to fill our hearts with blood
and lead us through the years

jump in the fire
radio mess

there are people everyday
dying to be heard
some thing they've got to say
a feeling or a word

the static in the streets
the chaos of this choir
tell me, can you feel the beat?
and will you touch the sacred fire?

it runs in the wire
radio mess
never expires
radio mess
the pitch you desire
is waiting at rest
just plug in the wire